About us

We provide easy, simple and secure software fot management, monitoring and control of IoT devices such as ESP8266, in just 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up & Sign in

2. Upload sketch file to your device

3. Connect through WIFI to your device for configuration

You are then ready to have fun with your harduare in real time with no delay in communication

Best features

Easy Set Up

Hole set up will take less than 5 minutes. Think about how much it would take if you had to do everything from scratch yourself


We take care for securing al traffic between your device and servers. All traffic go through SSL connection. Also you have your personal encryption key that can be changed from you any time

Easy for use

Control panel is full responsive and intuitive. This guarantee that user will get maximum good experience during use. You can connect unlimited device and control it from one place

24/7 Support

We are open for suggestions and queries all the time. Ideas that worth it will be implemented in the shortest possible time

Contact us

  • Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria

  • + 08980000000

  • admin@iotmnm.com